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Touching A Family In Need

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

The little boy was hungry. I saw him, as he sat on the bus bench, with his big brother. The big brother would at first ignore him, then only minutes later, fuss over him. Then they would tease each other, back and forth. He watched each group gather, as they waited for their bus. I could see him practicing his counting. Then I realized he was watching for lunch bags. And anyone already eating got special attention, even if all they had, was a cup of coffee. Once everyone filed onto the bus, the little one would quiet down and stare at the sidewalk just in front of him, then turn and begin to bother his big brother with some questions, or comments. I watched him call his big brothers attention to people with their lunches, brown lunch bags, metal lunch boxes. If he got too excited his brother would hush, with a loud shushing sound, or a very dramatic finger to the lips. Chastised, the little boy would stare down at the sidewalk, his little legs swinging in the air. I watched from my office, opposite their bus bench. I never quite noticed how or when they arrived, but there they would sit day after day, rain or shine and await their mother’s bus. Usually, their Mom, got off her bus to collect them by ten thirty or eleven am. I enjoyed that part of the scene every morning, as it repeated. More than once, sitting at my desk, I set aside an apple or a pear, thinking that this morning I would take it over to them to share. One particular Friday morning as I packed my lunch bag, I noticed that there were three bananas left, and they’d aged a little further along than I liked, so if I waited until next week. They would be too ripe. The perfect solution popped right into my head. I would bring a banana for the three of us. One for me and one each for the boys. I arrived at work as usual just before eight, this morning the boys were already in their spot, at the left side of the bench. Big brother had his hood up, and little brother kept pulling his knit cap down, trying to keep his ears warm. I put the two spare bananas there in my purse and started for the door, but I got a look at little brother, shivering hugging his little knees to his chest for warmth. I turn and headed back to our little micro kitchen. Holding the two styrofoam cups of hot cocoa, I put a banana in each pocket and crossed the street toward the boys. Big brother noticed me first, he was older, he was lookout. Getting closer I realized that big brother couldn’t be more than seven or eight at the oldest. Hi boys, I called out as I extended the steaming cocoa cups to each of them. The look of surprise and thanks, did my heart a world of good, as the boys clasped their cold fingers around their cups. Not wanting to make a big “to do” over anything, I asked offhandedly, is anybody hungry? Little brothers eyes said yes, but taking a cue from big brothers they both muttered a muffled “no mam”. Little brother’s eyes fell to the sidewalk. I turned slowly and started to leave, but paused and drew the two bananas from my pockets and placed them on the bench. In case you get hungry later. Big smiles.

Touching a needy family (Part 2)

There is no sound sadder, than the crying of a hungry child. If you have ever knelt down to hug a needy child and felt those tiny arms clinging, shivering in hunger. You know what I mean. There is nothing more important in this world than getting food into that hungry child’s mouth. If you walk with us into a needy family ‘s home, where the mother and father have run out of options, and have no work, no food, no clothing to provide their little ones. You would know real terror. Not “tv terror”, not “movie scared”, but life and death, at the edge or real life fear and horror. We search out the hungry, in our community, we know where the homeless find cover, we know and touch the needy, every day. We have brought many families back from the frightening despair of desperate need. We believe that if there is just one family in our community that is in need, we must help. You must help. We have reached out to families, that live in their cars, families who worry that if their poverty is revealed their children will be taken away. Families who through no fault of their own, find themselves living in the open. We reach out every day to touch these needy families. Mothers and fathers with hungry babies, families that need something on their table beside fear. Help us put food in their mouths. We can do it, with your help. Together we must help these needy families because, without your help, they will not survive. When you can provide a hungry mother, who will not sleep until her children have food, the food they need. You have made a miracle. If you help us reach these needy families her children will eat today. We made a miracle, when we touched these families, together. When she looks back you – you will know these children, our children, WILL EAT TODAY! Heavenly Thanks to you! Thank you for your help! Help us touch a family, today.

With your help, they will eat, TOO!

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